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Winners 2021

Archaeology at Home

Archaeology at Home, created by DigVentures, was launched as a response to the conditions imposed on the practice of archaeology during the Pandemic. The platform increased the accessibility of archaeology and acted as a much-needed social network.

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Casa Batlló 10D Experience

Casa Batlló ‘10D Experience’ offers new 2,000 sqm of Casa Batlló never seen before and presents a long list of new features. The new ’10D Experience’ of Casa Batlló presents the most fascinating immersive experience ever imagined. Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality or Machine Learning are some of the features of this creative cultural proposal.

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Anne Frank Video Diary

What if Anne Frank got a video camera for her birthday, on 12 June 1942, instead of a diary? Anne Frank video diary consists of fifteen episodes. All characters, locations, and events in the series are based on diary letters Anne Frank wrote between March and August 1944.

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Shortlisted 2021

The Virtual Museum – Underwater Malta

The physical barrier created by the sea makes that underwater archaeological sites are out of sight en therefore often out of mind. Through this virtual museum, one has the opportunity to explore these historic time capsules.

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The Embroidery Craft

The ‘Embroidery Craft’ website is part of the eponymous project focused on preserving the intangible cultural heritage of the Uherský Brod region.

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Stories from the Waterways

Stories from the Waterways is a digital media film series conveying the importance of waterway heritage and people’s sense of place and connection with the natural and built environment.

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Meet the Masters

“Art made accessible to anyone!” Meet the Masters is an innovative art experience that immerses you – literally – in the life and work of the Flemish Masters Jan Van Eyck, Pieter Bruegel the Elder and Peter Paul Rubens

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Heritales- International Heritage Film Festival

Heritales – international film festival aims to promote the dissemination of heritage through various media. The festival presents anthropological knowledge of different cultures through cinema and documentaries, focusing on the dissemination of material and immaterial heritage

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Everything is Music

Everything is Music is a location-based digital trail for mobile. It allows visitors to discover musical stories of a town or village.

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Digital Play at the Dutch New Library

The Dutch New Library in Almere modernised the children’s space. For the youngest visitors, a ‘magic book’ was developed, in which they can play with letters and words. This life-size magic book takes children on an interactive treasure hunt through fairy tales and adventures.

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The Battle Of Iceland

1238 The Battle of Iceland is an immersive exhibition that goes further than a regular history museum. Welcoming people of all ages, the exhibition offers its guests to see and take part in history through virtual reality. The exhibition invites its guests to experience history in a super modern and artful interactive installation.

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VOC Data Experience

Data Experience is an innovative, many-voiced AR experience about the VOC that provides a wide audience with new perspectives to stimulate dialogue in the polarized debate about the VOC past.

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Winners 2020

Culture in Crisis Portal

The Culture in Crisis platform brings together those with a shared interest in protecting cultural heritage. The platform provides a forum for sharing information, raising public awareness, and supporting action.

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Shortlisted 2020

In Cultura Veritas

Four short films about four local museums from Croatia and Slovenia have been produced as a part of the project In Cultura Veritas, a European Union cross-border cooperation aimed at active protection of cultural heritage

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The Day of Borodino in Augmented Reality

Experience history in a new light with the Borodino Panorama project. This iconic canvas by Franz Roubaud depicting the Battle of Borodino now seamlessly integrates augmented reality through the Artefact platform.

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Tsaritsyno Through the Times

The Tsaritsyno Manor Museum’s groundbreaking project, unveiled in 2019, brings the rich history of Tsaritsino Manor to life through an immersive diorama “time machine” show.

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