Each year, the European Museum Academy gives various awards to museums, galleries, organisations, and individuals proving excellence in presenting, contextualising, and interpreting art and cultural heritage. These award celebrate successes in making collections more accessible, more relevant, and more meaningful for today’s audiences of all ages, origins and walks of life

The European Museum Academy organizes its own EMA Awards:

Art Museum Award home

The Art Museum Award is a European award that places the social role of art museums in the centre. The award honours museum projects placing art in innovative, pioneering and creative contexts, to address and respond to current social issues. 

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DASA Award

The DASA Award is dedicated to the quality of learning opportunities in museums. The award is supported bt DASA Working World Exhibition in Dortmund. Closing date: 15 april 2023

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Luigi Micheletti Award

History-Telling, based upon storytelling, is key for museums in their attempt to make temporal sense. The Luigi Micheletti Award is for museums that convey a compelling narrative via their exhibition – at the service of society. Closing date: 15 April 2023.

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The European Museum Academy is a partner in the following (museum) award programmes:

Živa Award

The Živa Award at the same time collects interesting experiences and makes possible to share them at the transnational level. Encourages competition in order to increase the number of museums which can do better for our societies.

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Museums in short

Museums in Short awards are presented to institutions, authors or producers who use videos to enhance museum communication and engage audiences. Projects may include documentaries, animations, trailers and visual installations.

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Children in Museums Award 2023

The Children in Museums Award values creativity and innovation and considers how an exhibition or programme can change the course of museum thinking or museum practice. Closing date: 15 March.

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Heritage in Motion Award

The Heritage in Motion Award celebrates unique and innovative audiovisual and multimedia projects which promote, explore, document, or safeguard Europe’s cultural heritage. The award values and fosters imaginative new routes for diverse audiences into collections, heritage stories and world heritage.

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