Meet the Masters

"Art made accessible to anyone!" Meet the Masters is an innovative art experience that immerses you - literally - in the life and work of the Flemish Masters Jan Van Eyck, Pieter Bruegel the Elder and Peter Paul Rubens

An Immersive Look at Three Famous Painters

The immersive experience ‘Meet the Masters’ enables visitors to discover the work and life of three famous painters from an innovative perspective: 360° projections and animated figures make the paintings come to life. Although the three masters of the Middle Ages, Baroque and Renaissance, lived in three different centuries, their inspiring moments of life and genius thoughts are combined in one enjoyable projection & storytelling experience.

The experience starts with an impressive timeline of three centuries of art (14th, 15th and 16th century) in which the ages of the three grandmasters are marked as milestones. After this colourful introduction, the storyteller of your audio guide invites you to the first atelier of Jan Van Eyck, followed by Bruegel’s and Rubens’s. Each atelier has its own atmosphere, dynamic and story. Storyteller ‘Master Arth’ has an easy conversation with all three of them about their lives as artists. He asks questions and expresses his admiration for their work. In the meantime, he speaks directly to the visitor and points out impressive details in the artwork of the masters.

While you listen, projections of 5-meter height appear. They show almost the total oeuvre of each painter. Due to this enlargement, you’ll see details that are difficult to admire in their real size. Displays in each atelier also explain in which museum you can see the original piece. This way, the visitor is invited to explore the original artwork one day in one of these museums.

After the acquaintance with each master, the visitor enters a 360° projection show. With visual art technology, we conjured the three Flemish Masters in one space. You hear them talk about their discovery of each other’s work and give comments while they lead the visitor’s eye. The landscapes and backgrounds that surround the visitor change into a breathtaking spectacle.

The experience is not a museum, but it gives essential context about the three Flemish Masters using joyful storytelling, based on the input of an expert group of art historians and museum directors. In combination with a low-threshold approach, this experience is the ideal step-up to more museum visits.

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