Tsaritsyno Through the Times

The Tsaritsyno Manor Museum's groundbreaking project, unveiled in 2019, brings the rich history of Tsaritsino Manor to life through an immersive diorama "time machine" show.

In 2019, the Tsaritsyno Manor Museum unveiled an innovative immersive show, a long-awaited project that transformed decades of research into a captivating experience. The challenge was to convey the rich history of Tsaritsino, a Moscow manor with a tumultuous past spanning over 200 years, to a diverse audience.

Diorama Time Machine Show

The museum created a “time machine” show using cost-effective 3D reconstruction and visualization to address this. Over eight months, 11 detailed historical 3D models were built, representing different periods of the manor’s history. The aim was to transport visitors through time, allowing them to feel the emotions and aspirations of those who lived there.

The immersive experience unfolds on two large dioramas, employing a virtual reality approach without headsets. This method, reminiscent of military simulators, eliminates the need for personal VR devices and special staff, ensuring a seamless and low-maintenance system within the museum space.

Each diorama covers 60 square meters, showcasing the grandeur of the manor buildings. The 3D models include moving elements like clouds, changing day-to-night cycles, and shooting stars, adding a touch of magic to the historical narrative. The visuals were meticulously crafted in a 4600×1200 pixel resolution, blending separate elements into a cohesive whole during digital compositing.

To enhance the immersive experience, 11 original compositions based on period-specific music were created, resembling an opera where the music reflects the calm and turbulent periods of history. Additionally, environmental sounds, such as construction noises or the hum of early machinery, were integrated with six speakers strategically placed to simulate object movement.

The installation, designed for eight hours daily over five years, seamlessly integrates into the museum’s infrastructure using existing equipment and software licences. As a result, the museum successfully transformed decades of research into a visually engaging and intuitive form, allowing visitors to experience Tsaritsyno Manor’s captivating history vividly.


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