Heritales- International Heritage Film Festival

Heritales - international film festival aims to promote the dissemination of heritage through various media. The festival presents anthropological knowledge of different cultures through cinema and documentaries, focusing on the dissemination of material and immaterial heritage

The project HERITALES – International Heritage Film Festival was born in 2016 in the city Évora (Portugal) to promote the dissemination of heritage through entertaining supports in leisure time, using narratives of artistic and playful nature (photography, games, theatre, performances, gamification, interactive media). The seventh art it’s our primary focus. Through cinema, animated films, short films and documentaries, Heritales shows material and immaterial heritage, artistic, historical and anthropological knowledge of different cultures. Focused on the dissemination of material and intangible heritage, it shows forms of life, architectures, ways of educating in uses and customs, transmitting rites for populations, revealing the elements that make communities sustainable.


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