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Interview with René Capovin

EMA continues interviewing experts in their field. For our current issue we have been speaking to René Capovin who is the director of the musil – museum of industry and labor in Brescia, member of EMA and the creator of Museums in Short.

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EMA Museum Awards Closed

The call for submissions for our diverse museum awards has ended. If you missed this unique opportunity, we encourage you to check out our awards early 2025.

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EMA Gender Equality Plan

The European Museum Academy has developed a Gender Equality Plan to address gender disparities in the museum sector across Europe. The plan aims to promote diversity and inclusivity by implementing strategies such as ensuring gender balance in leadership positions, offering gender sensitivity training, advocating for gender equality, and promoting diverse

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EMA continues interviewing experts in their field. For our current issue we have been speaking to Dr. Andreja Rihter, President of EMA about her career, experiences, projects, role in EMA.

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Obituary: Andrew Durham (1952 – 2023)

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Andrew, after a short illness. He was associated with the European Museum Academy for 15 years and was a valued member of our Pool of Experts, visiting candidates for our awards with his customary enthusiasm and insight, and responding

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Call for the 2024 Živa Award is out!

The Živa Award collects interesting experiences and makes possible to share them at the transnational level. It encourages competition in order to increase the number of museums which can do better for our societies.

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EMA publishes details of its current activities in an occasional Newsletter. Its Press Releases will continue to focus on individual announcements and events. This is the Autumn 2023 Newsletter.

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Interview with Anastasia Serikova

EMA continues interviewing next generations of the museum field who is one of the winners of the EMA Master Study Award and PhD student, Anastasia Serikova. We talked about her research and difficult heritage of countries.

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