The European Museum Academy

The European Museum Academy is a volunteer society of museum experts from different national and cultural backgrounds, united for the advancement of knowledge in museology. The work of EMA is based on a curriculum of proved capacity in developing and managing innovative museum projects. Museums are a relevant tool to confront socio-economic and cultural challenges in contemporary society. The Academy subscribes to the role of the modern museum as a meeting place and a forum for the development of scientific debate, creativity, social cohesion and cultural dialogue.

Latest news

  • EMA Awards 2022 – Ceremony: Programme and Registration Form
    We are happy to announce that after two years of remote, online gatherings, we finally will meet in person for the EMA Meeting in Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg on 8 – 11 September 2022 (Thursday and Sunday). Click and download the programme and the registration form.
    EMA NEWSLETTER – SUMMER ISSUE – 2022 As the summer is here, we would like to share some of our latest news before you go on your vacations. In case you happen to go to Serbia, do visit the Gallery Matica Srpska in Novi Sad for their latest exhibition, or if you go to Romania, please do visit the National Museum of Romanian Literature in […]
  • Women Writers Route – the First Certified Cultural Route by the Council of Europe based in Slovenia
    The Women Writers Route has been certified by the European Institute for Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe. The Women Writers Route is the first of the 48 Council of Europe Cultural Routes to be based in Slovenia.
  • Call for Applications: Master Study of the Year Award 2022
    For the third year The European Museum Academy invites students on master level programmes to participate in our efforts to stimulate further development of the museum sector in Europe. Each of the 50+ European Universities – of which you are one – may contribute with one master paper in English, French, or German, from which a panel of judges from the European Museum Academy pool of experts will select The European Museum Academy Master Study of the Year. The overall criteria for assessing the master studies is the extent of European relevance and inspiration.
  • ‘El Lenguaje Museogràfico’ a Review by Massimo Negri
    EMA Scientific Director Massimo Negri introduces the book “El Lenguaje Museogràfico” by Guillermo Fernàndez. ‘A short handbook introducing to the knowledge and the use of the fascinating language of 21st century.’ […]
  • Obituary: François-Xavier Nève de Mévergnies (1946-2022)
    It is with great sadness that we announce the death of our colleague François-Xavier Nève de Mévergnies in April. He was a teacher of linguistics, phonetics and phonology at the University of Liège, and a prolific author, with books on subjects ranging from La puissance militaire soviétique to more than 50 books for children.
  • A special visit to the National Museum of Romanian Literature in Bucharest
    A special visit to the National Museum of  Romanian Literature in Bucharest The National Museum of Romanian Literature in Bucharest won the 2021 DASA Award.  The director, Professor Ioan Cristescu, invited EMA to visit the museum and have a meeting with local directors as well discussing possible areas of cooperation for the future. Our President, Andreja Rihter and our Scientific Director, Massimo Negri, spent two […]
  • Novi Sad Citizens Choose
    The Gallery of Matica Srpska in Novi Sad decided to open its collection and offer it to fellow citizens through works of art – in the space of our Gallery they tell the story of themselves and their city. The exhibition tells a story of Novi Sad citizens about their life, childhood and desires reflected through selected works from the Gallery art depot and shows that the museum is a place for everyone, and that the Gallery and its collection, seen through the eyes of citizens, can be one of the possible representations of fine arts in the contemporary world.