EMA Governance Archive

Supporting the need for transparency, EMA stores its governance archive, containing thousands of documents, images and other media, in a secure cloud under EU legislation.

An open archive respectful of confidentiality

While fully supporting the principle of transparency and accountability, EMA is also bound to rules of confidentiality regarding the documents containing sensitive information about people and organizations.

The cloud archive is still new, and we are in the process of developing its structures and access routes.

A very basic high-level inventory was created, but the creation of a more detailed catalogue is still an ongoing project.

Visitors can be given access to specific records on an individual basis. Access is granted after validation of the request by the board.

A preliminary structure has been created, but will be subject to changes and refinement:

00 EMA Basics
01 EMA Board
02 EMA Finances
03 EMA Human Resources
04 EMA Statements and Policies
05 EMA Annual Work Plans
06 EMA Annual Reports
10 EMA Awards
20 EMA Partnerships
25 EMA Memberships and Participation
30 EMA Courses, Seminars and Education
40 EMA Annual Award Ceremony and Conference
50 EMA National Annual Reports
60 EMA EU Projects
62 EMA Other Projects
65 EMA Consultancy
66 EMA Research
70 EMA Newsletters
80 EMA Marketing
85 EMA Web and ICT
90 EMA Publications
99 EMA Other

You can submit a request, or inquire about a specific document or group of documents, by sending us an email, specifying your query.

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