Courses in museology

A key aspect of our mission is to share knowledge and to promote training in the museum field at a European level. Since its inception, EMA is actively involved in training programmes.

Three courses in Museology are developed under the auspices of EMA:

  • The Online Master Course in Museology New Media and Museum Communication;
  • The International Summer School of Museology promoted by the Forum of Slavic Cultures at the Piranova Research Centre in Piran Slovenia.

EMA also supports courses organized in Ostersund (Sweden) by NCK in collaboration with the Research Centre for Museums and Galleries (RCMG) at the University of Leicester’s School of Museum Studies.

Our experts are regularly active in these programmes. They provide didactic materials and give advice about designing the courses.

The European Museum Academy is also actively involved in the following courses:

  • Kenneth Hudson Seminar: is a programme directly run every year in Autumn by EMA in partnership with different organizations according to circumstances. Proceedings of most editions are available on this website;
  • State University of Padua (I) -Faculty of History: The Kenneth Hudson Library. TPTI Erasmus Mundus International Course.