ikonoTV – Art 24/7

ikonoTV is the world's first channel broadcasting nothing but art, 24/7

ikonoTV streams videos of great art masterworks from worldwide museums, contemporary video artists, and production houses with interviews, documentaries, or entertainment films, all with art as the main topic. It brings an art experience to everybody’s home or mobile screen. Today, ikonoTV has become a hub for any art film, allowing viewers to discover a new world.

The original aim of ikonoTV was to produce and stream visual experiences, with videos diving into artworks. We produced over 3,500 works with major museums. These videos are like meditations where one can observe artistic treasures silently. Videos are put together as a playlist and streamed via mobile apps (iOS, Android) and most Smart TV brands worldwide, such as FireTV, Samsung, Philips, Sony, and Panasonic. This part of the streaming app is free, giving access to all and allowing us to enjoy pure art. ikonoTV also offers a VoD platform (videos on demand) organised by themes, genres, time, museums, artists, etc., allowing the viewer to choose her or his favourites. Today, it has over 800,000 downloads worldwide.


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