The Day of Borodino in Augmented Reality

Experience history in a new light with the Borodino Panorama project. This iconic canvas by Franz Roubaud depicting the Battle of Borodino now seamlessly integrates augmented reality through the Artefact platform.
The day of Borodino in AR from on Vimeo.

This project is the world’s first attempt to use AR for one of the largest existing panoramas. We hope that the conclusions and technologies of this AR project will be useful for other museums with large-scale panoramas because they often have the same challenges and similar goals.

In 2019, the Borodino Panorama, a monumental canvas depicting the Battle of Borodino, saw a transformative upgrade. Originally painted by Franz Roubaud over a century ago, the 14 x 115-meter panorama now integrates augmented reality (AR) technology through the Artefact platform.

Visitors, armed with the ARtefact app, can use their mobile devices to explore detailed episodes of the battle, uncovering individual stories behind thousands of elements. The AR experience includes a multilingual audio guide, enhancing visitors’ understanding within and outside the museum.

Children and adults alike engage with historical tin soldiers through AR, bringing the Battle of Borodino to life in a tangible way. The immersive experience extends to exhibitions featuring arms, equipment, awards, and art inspired by the battle, allowing visitors to delve deep into the era.

This technological intervention revitalises Franz Roubaud’s grand vision and facilitates the museum in sharing years of research in an accessible manner. Visitors can now appreciate the panorama as a whole and in intricate detail, marking the beginning of the next century for the Borodino Panorama enriched with modern technologies.

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