Everything is Music

Everything is Music is a location-based digital trail for mobile. It allows visitors to discover musical stories of a town or village.

A Brand New Location-based Digital Museum for Mobile

Everything Is Music is a collaboration between international music publication Crack Magazine and geolocation technology specialist Landmrk.┬áThe Everything Is Music platform maps out a city’s musical history through a musical treasure hunt, which is exclusively available as a web browser. No application download is required and the whole thing is very easy to access. Our prototype was deployed in Bristol and Bath in May 2021 and has been extremely well received with great numbers of people engaging. Over 8,000 users have accessed the platform since our launch. Our mission was to provide a resource for amazing musical discovery, that also allowed opportunities for artists’ work to be supported. With this in mind, we have covered a huge range of musical genres throughout seven decades of musical history. In order to do this, we have worked with local researchers from a diverse range of communities to authentically tell these stories. Everything Is Music combines this authentic storytelling with cutting-edge geo-technology, using innovative techniques to enhance the stories on the platform. Whether it’s audio, video, 2D hologram or Augmented Reality, we have pushed the boundaries where possible. Everything Is Music is a new way for the public to find musical stories, discover unexplored places, support artists and support the local ecosystem. Our ambition is for the platform to continue to live in these cities forever and become an evolving resource for geotagged cultural locations with new performances, rewards and content placed on a weekly basis.


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