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EMA Newsletter Winter Issue 2022 – view or download


2020-2021 EMA Awards Ceremony view


EMA 10 Years Publication by Henrik Zipsane – view or download

10 years of EMA through 10 years of Luigi Micheletti Award. And beyond, by Rene Capovin – view

The funding for Danish museums does not predominately come from taxes anymore, by Peter Thor Andersen – view

The interpretation of dissonant heritage 2021 inner Master Study of the Year Award, by Anastasia Serikova – view or download

TPTI Project MUSEUMS AND THE WEB AT THE TIMES OF COVID 19 In search of lasting museological innovations during the pandemic – view or download

The Societal Potential of Culture 2020 Winner Master Study of the Year Award, by Sofia Elamson – view or download

Artful – Curating the Invisible, by Athina Grammatikopoulou – view or download

Museum Communication with Virtuality & Museum Communication in Virtuality, by Daria Hookk – view or download

Food and Feast The Story of WonderFood Museum ShawHong Ser – view or download

Museums and Cultural Heritage Tourism Development in ASEAN ShawHong Ser – view or download

The Rise and Development of Interactive Museum Exhibitions in Thailand 2000-2019 ShawHong Ser – view or download

Renaissance Thoughts for the Empty Museum, by Sandro Debono – view

Diary of Hands On!, by Ralucam Bem Neamu – view

How Belgrade Natural History Museum Survives without a Permanent Exhibition, by Slavko Spasic – view

EMA Annual Work Plans

230109 EMA Work Plan 2023 –  download

220107 EMA Work Plan 2022 – view or download

210125 EMA Annual Work Plan 2021 – view or download

200122 EMA Annual Work Plan 2020 – view or download

190209 EMA Annual Work Plan 2019 – download

180302 EMA Annual Work Plan 2018 – download

EMA Annual Reports

230109 EMA Annual Report 2022 – view or download

220107 EMA Annual Report 2021 – view or download

210118 EMA Annual Report 2020 – view or download

200109 EMA Annual Report 2019 – view or download

190228 EMA Annual Report 2018 – download

180123 EMA Annual Report 2017 – view or download

170215 EMA Annual Report 2016 – download

160417 EMA Annual Report 2015 – download

150320 EMA Annual Report 2014 – download

EMA National Museum Reports

240218 EMA European Museum Report 2023 – view or download

220211 EMA National Museum Reports 2021 – view or download

210222 EMA National Museum Reports 2020 – view or download

200325 EMA National Museum Reports_2019D – view or download

190620 EMA National Museum Reports 2018 – view or download

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