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Developing Exhibitions
By Dirk Houtgraaf and Massimo Negri

This book immediately becomes the reference on how to create exhibitions in modern museums and how to work through the complexities of the exhibition development process, and it does so with humour, flair, and great understanding of the hard work involved.

Russell Briggs

Finally, a reliable manual for those who undertake today museums’ profession and a challenge to evolve “from practice to progress” for professionals.

Chiara Nenci

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21,5 x 24,5 cm | 208 pages | English
paperback | ISBN 9789462623064 | €29,50

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Revisiting Museums of Influence
Four Decades of Innovation and Public Quality in European Museums
By Mark O’Neill, Jette Sandahl, Marlen Mouliou (eds.)

Written by leading professionals in the field of museology, who have acted as judges for the European Museum of the Year Award, the portraits describe museums that had, or should have had, an influence on other museums around the world.

The portraits aim to capture the moment when this potential was identified, and the introduction will locate the institutions in the wider history of museums in Europe over the period, as well as drawing out common themes of change and innovation that unite the portraits.

Revisiting Museums of Influence (Publisher’s website)

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(The book is available as paperback for £27,99, hardback for £96,00, and e-book for £27,99).

ISBN 9781003003977 | Published December 29, 2020 | Routledge | 280 Pages | 51 B/W Illustrations | English