The Heritage in Motion (HiM) Award is an annual European award which encourages and enables the creative use of cultural heritage collections in new and innovative environments, rewarding exceptional multimedia and digital approaches to collections to engage, educate and entertain.

Heritage in Motion

Heritage in Motion (HiM) is an annual European Award which encourages and enables the creative re-use of cultural heritage collections in new and innovative environments, rewarding exceptional multimedia and digital approaches to collections to engage, educate and entertain.

The 2023 open call

In 2023 we will organise the ninth edition of the competition awards ceremony. The HiM Awards are about the people and organisations who successfully invest time and energy in creating new and accessible ways to get existing and new audiences to the European cultural heritage. More information on the procedure and deadline is coming soon.

The awards

The Heritage in Motion Awards are a joint initiative of the European Museum Academy and Europa Nostra and is empowered by Europeana. The jury will consist of various professionals from different countries.

European Museum Academy

The European Museum Academy is a non-profit foundation representing museums at the European level. EMA has members in over 30 countries.

Europa Nostra

Europa Nostra, the Voice of Cultural Heritage, represents a citizen’s movement for the safeguarding of Europe’s cultural and natural heritage. Its network covers almost 50 countries in Europe.


Europeana is the central network for digital cultural heritage in Europe and connects thousands of cultural institutions with European citizens.

and you


You may ask yourself …

What’s in it for me?

Of course the possibility of winning an award! But there is more. Heritage in Motion offers you the unique possibility to showcase your project to an international Jury of renowned experts in the field. Your project will be shown on this website, also after the competition. On top of that, Heritage in Motion will attract attention to all submissions by announcing the competition and all the projects on international media and through its own network and that of its partners.

What can I win?

Every year there are awards to be won in different categories and on top of that, the Best Achievement Award. These awards are handed over during our yearly Awards Ceremony and the winners will be given extra attention through the media and within the networks of Heritage in Motion and its partners. The winner of the Best Achievement Award also is awarded a unique statue, crafted by a renowned sculptress, which is every year specially made for the occasion.

What does it cost?

The application fee is € 300 per project/application. Students may apply for a 30% reduction. For this amount, your project will join the competition in ALL categories and will be shown after the competition on this website. If you are unsure whether your submission is eligible or not, and you would like to check before you pay: enter your submission and save it before you pay. Send us a message and our team will take a look at the contents and inform you whether the project is eligible or not.

Who can apply?

All institutions and creators of films, games, apps, websites and multimedia installations on themes related to Europe’s heritage, cultural and natural, tangible and intangible. Only realized projects will be accepted, but it does not matter if your organization is the owner (client) or the producer of the project. Or both for that matter.

Who will see my project?

Your project will be reviewed by our international Jury of experts. All projects will be shown on our website and viewed by both institutions in the heritage field and producers/creators of similar projects. Shortlisted and winning projects will get extra attention because of our marketing campaign leading up to the Awards Ceremony and the announcements and press releases that Heritage in Motion sends out within its own network and that of our partners.

Sounds good! How do I apply?

Information on the application procedure will follow soon.

When can I apply?

Information on the application procedure will follow soon.


The closing date for applications will be announced soon.

When and where is the Award Ceremony?

The Award Ceremony is held at a yearly changing location in Europe, together with the yearly conference of the European Museum Academy. Previous editions were in Glasgow, Brescia, Lesbos, Skopje, Aarhus, and Ljubljana, online in 2020 and in hybrid form in Venice in 2021.



Applications can be submitted by various public or private bodies such as national, regional or local authorities, cultural organisations, film producers and filmmakers, production companies, multimedia companies, game producers, TV stations or public relations agencies.


Awards are presented in four categories:

  • Apps for Mobile Devices
  • Websites and Online Content
  • Games and Interactive Experiences
  • Film and Video

A Selection Committee will select the nominees in the various categories. An international jury composed of multimedia experts and consumers will decide on the award winners for each category and the Best Achievement Award. Decisions taken by the jury are final.


One award will be given in each category (see above). The Jury may select additional entries for special recognition. After the Jury’s deliberation, all award nominees will be publicly announced. The winners will be announced to the public during the Heritage in Motion Award Ceremony. If one of the winners is not able to attend the Award Ceremony he/she will receive the award by post. For the Heritage in Motion Award Ceremony a participation fee will be charged.


The call closes by the end of May, but the exact closing date will be announced soon.

Application form

Every entry must be submitted online via the Heritage in Motion website and the entry fee must be paid in advance. A formal confirmation of the application will be sent by mail after receipt of the payment of the application fee (see below).

Media Format

Applications can only be made by uploading a version of the entry by using a YouTube or Vimeo web link (URL) on the online application form. 

The applicant is responsible for the technical quality of the film. Note: the sender must prepay all shipping costs, insurance, customs duties and handling fees for the entries. The Heritage in Motion organisation cannot assume responsibility for customs clearance. Any material submitted will not be returned to the applicant.

Application fee

The application fee is € 225,00 excl VAT per project/application. Students may apply for a 30% reduction.


Applications must be submitted in English and the submitted multimedia products must have English subtitles, or be accompanied by an English script.


The applicant must have the copyright of the participating film/online media or have permission to use it.

Rights of use

The Heritage in Motion organisation is not responsible for any rights on the applied product. When a subscription is done illegally, one must turn to the applicant.

Promotion and publicity

The applicant is required to assign the streaming rights for publicity purposes to the Heritage in Motion Award Ceremony organiser, the rights for using the entry for public viewing or TV (during events or TV Programmes promoting Heritage in Motion).

The applicant must also grant Heritage in Motion the right to copy all or part of the productions submitted for judging, exhibition and or promotional purposes.


The Heritage in Motion organisation does not accept any responsibility for applications that do not comply with these rules and regulations or do not arrive at the Heritage in Motion office after the deadline as stated above.

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