Art Museum Award Gallery

S.M.A.K. Museum

S.M.A.K. museum in Gent presents a diverse dialogue between its collection and contemporary artists worldwide, aiming to explore and interpret the complexity of the world through accessible and inclusive contemporary art experiences

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The Basil & Elise Goulandris Foundation

The Basil & Elise Goulandris Foundation, established in 1979 oversees museums in Andros and Athens. Focused on promoting visual arts globally, the foundation houses a significant private collection from the latter half of the 20th century.

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The Burrell Collection

The Burrell Collection, housing 9,000 objects, including remarkable Chinese art, medieval treasures, and renowned French paintings, is a key cultural hub in Glasgow.

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Lewis Glucksman Gallery

The Glucksman Gallery at University College Cork is an internationally renowned space dedicated to contemporary art, fostering creativity, interdisciplinary connections, and accessibility for all visitors.

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Museum Rietberg

The Museum Rietberg, located in Zurich, Switzerland, showcases a diverse collection of traditional and contemporary arts from Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Oceania, fostering cultural awareness and engagement on both local and international levels.

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Reykjavík Art Museum

Reykjavík Art Museum, a cultural institution in Iceland, hosts diverse exhibitions and serves as a dynamic hub for both celebrated and emerging talents, supporting artists in Iceland’s vibrant scene.

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MO Museum

MO Museum, a dynamic cultural institution in Lithuania, houses around 6,000 modern and contemporary artworks. The museum offers exhibitions, film screenings, educational activities, concerts, and events to build a vibrant community of modernists.

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FeliX Art and Eco Museum

FeliX Art and Eco Museum seamlessly blends avant-garde art and ecological consciousness on the picturesque grounds of Felix De Boeck’s former estate in Drogenbos, Belgium.

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Art UK

Art UK is an online platform that democratizes access to art by serving as the digital home for every public art collection in the United Kingdom.

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The Gallery of Matica Srpska

The Matica Srpska Gallery, showcases a unique collection spanning from the 16th to the 21st century, offering visitors a journey through the evolution of national art within a broader European context

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