Call for the 2024 Živa Award is out!

The Živa Award collects interesting experiences and makes possible to share them at the transnational level. It encourages competition in order to increase the number of museums which can do better for our societies.

We kindly invite you to sign up for the Živa Award 2024 for the Best Slavic Museum and for the Best  Slavic Heritage Site.

UPDATE: The extended deadline for the Živa Award 2024 is March 14, 2024

The Award does not require any application fee.

To enter the competition and on-line form has to be filled-in and submitted with a concise set of materials, photos and a video.

In 2024, the year which also marks the 10th anniversary of the Živa Award project, the Živa Award ceremony with a conference is planned to be held from 25 – 29 September 2024 at the Regional Ethnographic Open-Air Museum ETAR in Gabrovo in Bulgaria.

The Živa Award identifies, encourages, promotes and rewards experiments, projects, and practices in the museum sector within the cultural and geographical framework of the European countries of the Slavic culture. It recognises the peculiarities and specific values of the Slavic world with its story, traditions, heritage, its common roots and its problems.

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