Master Study of the Year Award 2024

The Master Study of the Year Award recognizes outstanding master’s studies in the fields of museum studies, museology, and/or museum education. As the European Museum Academy focus is on exchange of knowledge, experience and personal contacts, this award celebrates new ideas and academic excellence from the next generations of museum professionals.

Participation strengthens your visibility

In the annual European Museum Academy Award Ceremony, the applications will have their share of attention. The winner is invited to join the ceremony. We will distribute a press release, and the winner is featured in an exclusive interview for the EMA newsletter.

Participation thus strengthens your visibility, and all participants will have some taglines to use in their CV and in their own communications.


Is there a fee?

No, there is no fee.

Who can apply?

All students in museum studies across Europe -or with a topic closely related – can apply.
The applications can be submitted in any language of the Council of Europe member countries.

How is the winner chosen?

We first reach out to registered European universities with invitations and provide detailed award information.

Around October 1, we receive the submitted master’s studies from the previous academic year.

The jury is appointed and presided by the EMA scientific director. There are three jury members. The judges will be representatives of universities and museums.

In February, we notify all participating universities and students of their successful participation. The winner is awarded a diploma and is invited to have their master’s study featured on the EMA website. They are also encouraged to participate in a seminar at the EMA annual award ceremony and conference.

We then distribute a press release, and the winner is featured in an exclusive interview for the EMA newsletter.

How can I apply?

To apply for this award, a university can propose a thesis title written by one of their students. Applications can be sent to our director by a professor, lecturer, or other legal representative of the university. Please include your contact details, the name of the candidate, a summary of the thesis and a short recommendation. Please also attach the thesis in twofold to this mail, one Word-version and one as a PDF-document. We will confirm having received the documents and make the thesis available to the jury.

The closing date for applications will be October 1, 2024.

For more information, or questions, contact the EMA director, Henrik Zipsane

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