Developing Exhibitions

By Dirk Houtgraaf and Massimo Negri

Developing exhibitions describes an extensive in-depth methodology and practical framework for the development and production of exhibitions. It is a manual, with schemes and systems and a focus on the processes, and on the practice of developing content and storylines. As there is no other such clear-cut manual at present, it is already clear it will be used by several courses and programmes.

This book immediately becomes the reference on how to create exhibitions in modern museums and how to work through the complexities of the exhibition development process, and it does so with humour, flair, and a great understanding of the hard work involved.

Russell Briggs

Finally, a reliable manual for those who undertake today museums’ profession and a challenge to evolve “from practice to progress” for professionals.

Chiara Nenci

You can order the book directly from the publisher or from Amazon where it received 5 star ratings.

The book is available as a paperback for €29,50 and as a free PDF.

21,5 x 24,5 cm | 208 pages | English
paperback | ISBN 9789462623064 | €29,50

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