Winners Heritage in Motion Award 2023 announced

On September 15th, the winners of the Heritage in Motion Award were revealed. The Award ceremony took place at Muzeul Național al Banatului in Timisoara, Romania.

Timisoara, 21 September 2023

On September 15th, the winners of the Heritage in Motion Award were revealed.

The Award ceremony took place at Muzeul Național al Banatului in Timisoara, Romania, following the European Academy Conference, which was held from September 14-16.

The Heritage in Motion 2023 Award celebrates unique and innovative audiovisual and multimedia projects which promote, explore, document, or safeguard Europe’s cultural heritage. It creates new routes for audiences into collections, and fosters their interest in world heritage.

Founded in 2012 by the European Museum Academy and Europa Nostra, the Heritage in Motion Award is now jointly managed by EMA and the International Foundation Forum of Slavic Cultures, with expert festival developer Mitra joining the team this year.

Participants compete in four categories:

  • New Digital Experiences
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Heritage Audiovisual
  • Heritage Schools



Media Museum at Sound & Vision
Applicant: Stefanie van Kester (the Netherlands)
Project website:

Justification of the judges:
“Previously focusing on traditional media, radio and television, in February 2023 the institute of Sound and Vision in the Netherlands, unveiled a cutting-edge Media Museum, that has been fully adapted to the whirlwind changes in the media landscape in the past decades.

The result of the renewal is a highly interactive exhibition, a digital playground for young users of social media but captivating audiences of all ages as well as creatively engaging them with the evolution of communication and media.

Inside a futuristic lab reminiscent of a science fiction film, attendees explore the realm of media’s capabilities and, crucially, its positive or negative impact on personal lives, for example: the secrets of good storytelling and editing; the hidden seduction techniques of advertisers; the role of influencers; the dangers of deepfake and fake news; the effects of cyberbullying, online threatening and hate speech; future developments like the ‘metaverse’ or holography.

Loads of serious information is wrapped in smart, educative but often also funny exhibits, powered by state-of-the-art interactive technology. As such the Media Museum is one of a kind, rightly praised by some as “coolest media museum of the world” and deserving to receive the Heritage in Motion Award 2023 as well as New Digital Experiences Award 2023.”


Notre-Dame de Paris, the Augmented Exhibition
Applicant: Quentin Defaut (France)
Project website:

Justification of the judges:
“On April 15, 2019, France was rocked by a major fire in one of its most famous historical heritage sites: the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, one of the most visited cathedrals of the world. Three years later, while the cathedral is still closed for reconstruction, a new travelling exhibition brings the cathedral to its visitors from all over the world and gives them the chance to explore the 850-years history of the famous building.

The exhibition uses augmented reality in a highly innovative way. Visitors receive a ‘Histopad’ (developed by the startup Histovery) that enables them to dig as deep as they like in the history of the Notre-Dame, from the 12th century up to the 21st century and the ongoing reconstruction works.

Through a smart fusion of history and innovation visitors embark on a journey where centuries-old magnificence meets cutting-edge technology.

The exhibition brings history to live and makes art, history and innovation converge. With this next-level storytelling it succeeds to attract a broad audience of all ages to an educative and immersive journey through space and time.”


The New Dutch Waterline (The Netherlands)
Applicant: Pepijn Borgwat (the Netherlands)
Project website:

Justification of the judges:
“The audiovisual »The New Dutch Waterline« helps understanding the history, challenges, as well as the human and technical effort of a nation that transformed the landscape to create a work of engineering of an outstanding and universal value. The animation of archive pictures, graphics and maps enhances the understanding of the whole process in a clear, clever, sharp, and inspiring way. Numbers, figures, dates and maps are balanced with a humanistic narrative. Last, but not least, the extension of the storytelling until the present day is very relevant for the contemporary appreciation of this recently inscribed UNESCO World Heritage site.”


Identity on the Line
Applicant: Identity of the Line (Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Lithuania, Slovenia, Croatia) Project website:

Justification of the judges:
“The documentary »Identity on the Line« is an outstanding study of the effects of a relevant historical process that is nowadays stills on a political and social agenda: human migration. The topic is relevant for the European identities and sense of belonging that the documentary deeply explains. This special mention is a recognition for its humanistic approach to migrations that helps contemporary citizens to reflect about the issue. “

No awards or special commendations were given in the categories of “Virtual and Augmented Reality Award 2023” and “Heritage Schools Award 2023”.

The HIM 2023 awards ceremony was concluded by a screening of the documentary film “A Century of Dreams,” directed by Slovenian filmmaker Ven Jemeršić, as part of the Heritage in Motion 2023 awards programme.

Synopsis: “A Century of Dreams” is a feature documentary about the oldest Slovenian inventor, Peter Florjančič, who has recently celebrated his 100th birthday. In the film, the controversial innovator gives a first-hand account of, in his own words, a life as thrilling as Hitchcock’s films. Florjancic considers himself a hedonist whose inventions have given him a luxurious and exciting life.

The film received 24 international awards:
Best documentary production – South film and arts academy Festival – Chile Best documentary film – IFA – London – UK Best documentary film – Moscow Film Party – Russia Best documentary film – ARFF Barcelona International Awards – Spain Silver award for documentary film – Wallachia International Film Festival – Romania Best documentary film – Inca Imperial International Film Festival – Peru Honorable mention award – Feature documentary – KIMFF – Slovakia Honorable mention award – Feature documentary – IFA – Turkey Aphrodite Film Awards – New York – USA Prague International Film Awards – Czech Changing Face IFF – Australia semi-annual Cinematic European Film Festival – Transylvania – Romania Uruvatti International Film Festival – India Marudham Indie Film Festival – India Golden Leaf IFF – India International Smyrna movie Festival – Turkey Changing Face IFF – Australia Annual Sydney Indie Film Festival – Australia Special Mention Award – Kuwait International Film festival – Kuwait Best documentary – New Port International film festival – India Best poster – New Port International film festival – India Indo French International film festival – India Screen Power Film Festival – Grand Jury Award – London Paris Film Awards – Honorable Mention – France


ERIK HOGENBOOM worked as editor in chief at the Diversity Department of Dutch public broadcaster NTR. He coordinated several documentary series, magazines and talk shows focusing on diversity themes in the Dutch multicultural society. From 2001-2021 he was Executive Producer for the Eurovision Intercultural and Diversity Group (EBU), coordinating several international co-productions. He chaired the Prix Europa IRIS jury (1999-2021), promoting ethnic diversity in European media.

AMILCAR VARGAS holds a PhD from the University of Barcelona and is responsible for World Heritage at Casa Batlló. His main task at Casa Batlló is the implementation of the World Heritage Convention, raising awareness of the Outstanding Universal Value and pursuing the potential opportunities of Casa Batlló’s inscription on the UNESCO List. An expert in World Heritage Management, he’s worked at UNESCO (Paris) and presented worldwide, publishing across 15 countries.

MAJA MALUS AZHDARI, sociologist, director, producer, film selector fo International Documentary Film Festival Dokudoc (12 years), DokGodek Slovenian Film Database (2 years), Film in Minoriti at Puppet Theatre Maribor (4 seasons). Since 2019 she is an active member of consortium Film in Maribor that are developing city cinema in Maribor. She was director of public institution Youth Cultural Centre Maribor (2015-2020) and she is president of non-governmental organ2023isation Mitra, association for development of audiovisual culture and intercultural dialog.


THE EUROPEAN MUSEUM ACADEMY (EMA) is an independent, volunteer society of museum experts from different national and cultural background with a curriculum of proved capacity in developing and managing innovative museum projects. EMA looks at innovation related to the museological philosophy, the museographical language and practice in contemporary society. EMA is engaged in developing research in the field of museum innovation, stimulating new ideas and experiences and offering its services as an incubator for new talents and new programmes.

THE FOUNDATION OF SLAVIC CULTURES (FSK) revitalizes Slavic creativity, linking these cultures globally. FSK showcases Slavic arts, science, and heritage, nurturing their impact on global discourse. We champion cultural bonds to preserve our identity and promote dialogue. Established in 2004 as Slavic nations joined the EU, FSK bridges culture and today unites 2000+ institutions, fostering partnerships and supporting projects that amplify Slavic heritage and mobility.

International Foundation – Forum of Slavic Cultures

Cesta 27. aprila 47, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija

T: +386 (0)8 205 28 00 | E: | W:


Andreja Rihter, Director of the FSK, President of EMA
Massimo Negri, EMA Scientific Director
Wim van der Weiden, Founding Partner
Robin Lutz, Founding Partner
Maja Malus Azhdari, Jury Member, Festival developer
Erik Hogenboom, Jury Member
Amilcar Vargas, Jury Member
Katarina Bogataj, Project Coordinator
Ilaria M. P. Barzaghi, art and cultural historian
Laura Diamanti, museum specialist


Mitra – association for the development of audiovisual culture and intercultural dialogue

Ribiška ulica 4, Maribor, 2000 Maribor

T: +386 51 235 010 | E: | W:

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