EMA NEWSLETTER - SUMMER ISSUE - 2022 As the summer is here, we would like to share some of our latest news before you go on your vacations. In case you happen to go to Serbia, do visit the Gallery Matica Srpska in Novi Sad for their latest exhibition, or if you go to Romania, please do visit the National…

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EMA NEWSLETTER - WINTER ISSUE - 2022 A WORD FROM THE BOARD At a time when the world has been struggling with the coronavirus pandemic, severe events due to climate change and very recently with the war in Ukraine that puts so many lives at risk, preservation and protection of cultural heritage and universal values have become more important than…

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BONGA CASTLE Summer 2022

BONGA CASTLE Summer 2022 Riitta Nelimarkka  Exhibition IMAGINE  Summer 2022 Bonga exhibits plenty of new works from artist´s Helsinki and Bonga ateliers,as well as thrilling drawing material from the archives. On display there are works of HASSUNA unit, an exhibition presented in Milan and London autumn 2021.These semi-archaic and modern pieces generate a stunning dialogue with old castle andyoung visitors.All…

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Interview with Anastasia Serikova

Interview with Anastasia Serikova EMA asks questions to winner of the 2021 Master Study of the Year Award. In this issue, Hazal Sahin from EMA has interviewed Anastasia Serikova who is a second year student in Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Culture Department of Museology and Cultural Heritage. We have talked about her thesis which is called "The Interpretation of Dissonant Heritage in Museum…

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News From FSK

Živa Award Is Alive – Soon in the European Capital of CultureThe international foundation Forum of Slavic Cultures is getting ready for the 7th award ceremony for Živa Award for the best Slavic museum and heritage site. The award ceremony with international conference will take place in Belgrade and Novi Sad, at the time when the latter hosts the opening…

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LAM Museum’s Viewphone Heads to Australia

The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA) in Sydney is adopting the Viewphone concept from the Dutch LAM museum. The Viewphone, offers one-to-one phone calls with museum staff.

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Increasing Future Awareness Through The SoPHIA Model

Can we develop the SoPHIA model on cultural heritage impact assessment to make cultural heritage management become better at anticipating changing needs and benefits of heritage, so that they can inform decisions made today for the future? This is a question that the Center for Applied Heritage at Linnaeus University will investigate together with the Nordic Centre of Heritage Learning…

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The Way We Were

It is difficult to imagine how we functioned before computers, emails and the internet. In 1975 Kenneth Hudson and Ann Nicholls produced the first edition of The Directory of Museums, published by Macmillan (864 pp), relying solely for their research on the worldwide postal system and 35,000 individual cards on which information was painstakingly compiled. They amassed an interesting collection of…

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WINNERS THE 2020/2021 EUROPEAN MUSEUM ACADEMY AWARDS On Saturday 18 September the winners of three Awards by the European Museum Academy (EMA) were announced during an online ceremony hosted by EMA Chairman Karl Borromäus Murr in the Drents Museum (Assen, the Netherlands). Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, the judging visits to candidates have been cancelled for the last two years and have…

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Obituary Graziano

OBITUARY GRAZIANO Our colleague and friend Graziano Campanini, Director of the Museum of Health in Bologna, passed away on August 20th.  His funeral was held in Pieve di Cento (Bologna), the little town to which he has dedicated so many energies in the cultural field. His loss happened just two weeks before the opening of the new Municipal Picture Gallery…

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