National Museum in Leskovac

The National Museum in Leskovac, preserves southern Serbia's cultural heritage through its permanent exhibition, engaging community programs, and scholarly research initiatives.

The National Museum in Leskovac, founded in 1948 and relocated to a purpose-built facility in 1974, stands as a custodian of southern Serbia’s diverse cultural and historical legacy. Its permanent exhibition, “Timeline of Leskovac Area,” offers a captivating journey through millennia, highlighting significant periods from the Neolithic era to the late Turkish times. Visitors can explore archaeological treasures like Hisar and Justiniana Prima and artefacts reflecting Roman, medieval, and Ottoman influences.

Beyond its exhibitions, the museum is a hub for scholarly research and community engagement. Through initiatives such as scientific gatherings, the annual journal “Leskovački zbornik,” and educational programs, it fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation of the region’s heritage. With dedicated spaces for art galleries, a conference room, and a library, the museum can uphold its commitment to excellence in museological practice, including conservation efforts and professional library resources.

With a vision to be a regional centre for heritage appreciation and research, the National Museum in Leskovac continues to fulfil its mission of preserving the past while contributing to the cultural enrichment and development of the surrounding area.


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