Maritime Heritage Interpretation Center DUBoak

Visit the Maritime Heritage Interpretation Center DUBoak in Malinska-Dubašnica, Croatia, to explore the region's maritime legacy through interactive exhibits focused on the oak-sea relationship.

Discover the Maritime Legacy: Explore DUBoak in Malinska-Dubašnica

Located at Obala 21 b, 51511 Malinska-Dubašnica, Croatia, the Maritime Heritage Interpretation Center DUBoak stands as a testament to the region’s rich maritime legacy.

This centre serves as a focal point for understanding and preserving the local maritime heritage, with oak (dub) and the sea forming the core themes of its exhibits. Divided into two main sections—the Dubašnica forest and traditional vessels—the centre offers visitors an immersive experience into the historical significance of these elements.

Explore the history of Malinska-Dubašnica, where timber resources were transported by ships to Venice, playing a crucial role in the region’s economy. Discover the sustainable forest management practices that have ensured the longevity of these resources over time.

Through interactive displays and informative exhibits, DUBoak provides a comprehensive overview of the cultural and historical importance of the region’s maritime heritage. Visitors have the opportunity to delve into the deep-rooted connection between the land and the sea, shaping the identity of this coastal community for generations.


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