House of Arts Veszprém

Explore Veszprém's artistic hub at the House of Arts and discover contemporary art in five venues within the Baroque castle of Veszprém.

Discover Veszprém’s cultural heartbeat at the House of Arts, a contemporary art centre founded in 1993 and located in eight historic buildings of the Baroque castle of Veszprém. Showcasing the latest trends in contemporary art, its five dedicated venues feature works from the Modern Art Gallery to the Castle Gallery. Connections with artists, institutions, and NGOs are fostered from the biennial Veszprém Spring Exhibition to literary conferences and festivals. Explore the Tegularium in Dubniczay Palace’s basement, a unique collection of emblematic bricks. The House of Arts Veszprém invites you to immerse yourself in an enriching experience where art, culture, and history converge.


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