The Winners revealed: the 2020 Master Study of the Year Award

Announcement from the European Museum Academy 

In 2020 for the first time The European Museum Academy invited students on master level  programmes to participate in our efforts to stimulate further development of the museum sector in  Europe. Each of the 75+ European Universities were invited to contribute with one master paper in  English, from which a panel of judges from the European Museum Academy pool of experts  should select The European Museum Academy Master Study of the Year. The overall criteria for  assessing the master studies have been the extent of European relevance and inspiration

Universities kept an eye open during the academic year for especially interesting master studies in  museology, museum studies or museum education. The deadline for submitting a master study for  our panel of judges was 1 October 2020. Eligible contributions are master studies submitted to  universities in Europe after 1 October 2019. 

The European Museum Academy jury for this Academy award 2020 has been: – Dr Anne-Louise Sommer, director, Designmuseum Danmark 

– Dr Sandro Debono, consultant, Office of the President of the Republic of Malta – Professor Massimo Negri, scientific director, European Museum Academy (chair of jury) 

I am happy hereby to announce the result of the work done by our judges.  


We congratulate Sofia Elamson from the University of South Eastern Norway as the winner in the  competition for the European Museum Academy Master Study of the Year 2020 Award with the  following thesis: 

“The Societal Potential of Culture – visible in both policy and practice? A Study of the European Union’s Cultural Policy and the museum institution’s societal and democratic ambitions” 

From the judge’s assessment:” This work investigates a subject which needs more frequent reflections due to its societal, economic, and political implications in the process of European

integration. The thesis is well structured and well written. If broadened, it can easily become fully fledged doctorate. The theoretical framework is good and solidly presented, with theory selectively applied in the case of particular projects. Although the case studies are limiting with just one project per museum, materials gathered are effectively presented and stand as a good basis for providing a holistic perspective of cultural development within the European Union.” 

Special recognition: 

We congratulate Athina Grammatikopoulou from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki/  University of Western Macedonia for an exceptionally interesting contribution to the competition  for the European Museum Academy Master Study of the Year 2020 Award with the following  thesis: 

“Artful – Curating the Invisible: design, development, and evaluation of a social media tool for cultural learning in museum settings” From the judge’s assessment:” Very good thesis structure which flows very well and effortlessly  takes you from the theoretical framework to methodology evaluation and experimental results,  oftentimes by and large missing in the industry when developing such products. This thesis can easily  become a blueprint to guide the ways and means how technology can be meaningfully developed from  theory to hands on. The methodology used is clear and succinctly presented.”

Check out the link to get to know the winners and the theses.

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