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BONGA CASTLE Summer 2022

BONGA CASTLE Summer 2022 Riitta Nelimarkka  Exhibition IMAGINE  Summer 2022 Bonga exhibits plenty of new works from artist´s Helsinki and Bonga ateliers,as well as thrilling drawing material from the archives. On display there are works

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Interview with Anastasia Serikova

Interview with Anastasia Serikova EMA asks questions to winner of the 2021 Master Study of the Year Award. In this issue, Hazal Sahin from EMA has interviewed Anastasia Serikova who is a second year student in Saint-Petersburg State

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News from Partners

NEWS FROM PARTNERS MyMicroGallery Via Giovanni Boccaccio 24,20123 MILANOwww.mymicrogallery.com RIITTA NELIMARKKA HASSUNACurated by Stefania CarrozziniOpening: Thursday September 23th, 2021  6:30 pm to 8:30 pm MyMicroGallery Via Giovanni Boccaccio 2420123 Milano24.09.2021 – 12.10.2021By appointment MyMicroGallery is pleased to announce

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