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A museum is …

ICOM announced the new museum definition replacing the one in force since 2007. The process was not alien to controversy, let alone resignations, with a double-barrel definition proposed in 2019 sent back to the drawing board for various reasons…

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Article: “The funding for Danish museums does not predominately come from taxes anymore” by Peter Thor Andersen

During the last three decades the total income per year for all Danish museums (museums subsidized with state funding according to the Danish Museum Law) has changed from 121 million euro to 361 million euro (in fixed prices 2021 level). This impressing growth is not a result of public spending (funding from state and municipality). Instead, it is a result of a dramatic change in the total income from other sources such as tickets, purchase of goods in the museum shop etc. as well as private foundations. (…)

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Diary of Hands on! Conference

by Raluca Bem Neamu Last October I was happy to participate for the first time at the Hands On! Conference in Czech Republic, organized by Hands on! International Association for Children in Museums. I have

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