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Removing Statues As a Natural Need to Re-write History

This month’s article is written by Henrik Zipsane, Sweden (EMA Director). He was CEO of the Jamtli Foundation (a museum and heritage organization in central Sweden 2001-2019, and senior researcher at The Nordic Centre of Heritage Learning & Creativity since 2005 — an R&D organization for learning through heritage engagement, and the director of the European Museum Academy since January 2019. Guest professor in heritage learning and regional development at Linköping University since 2010 and associate of Pascal Observatory since 2007, as well as associate of European Expert Network on Culture and was appointed expert on culture and adult education by the European Commission in 2011. President of the Association of European Open-Air Museums since 2017. Expert and jury member in the European Museum Academy since 2014 and appointed by the Swedish Council of Higher Education from 2017 as expert for assessment of EU applications in the Erasmus Plus programme. Holds a master’s degree in history from University of Copenhagen 1985 and a PhD degree in education and history from The Danish University of Education 1996.

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