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Project MoI!

Project: MOI – Museums of Impact

Program: Creative Europe

Applicant and project leader: Museovirasto – Finnish National Heritage Board, Finland – https://www.nba.fi   

Main content: The project aims to help museums increase their impact in society by developing their capacity to assess their work in light of the desired outwards-oriented impacts. This capacity building is achieved by supporting museums in actively and strategically evaluating and refocusing their work.


The project aims to help museums increase their impact on and service for society by developing their capacity to meet the demands of a changing, more diverse, increasingly digital and ageing society. This capacity-building is achieved by providing museums with a framework for self-evaluation and quality development, leading to new ways of management, increased efficiency and strategic thinking, and ultimately increased impact in society. Different museum evaluation frameworks in varying formats, from accreditation schemes to different evaluation and assessment tools, already exist in several European countries. The dominant approach in these models is that of Quality Assessment, while this project proposes to move to an innovative, developmental model, focusing on impact. The aim of the proposed project is to take these existing national and/or regional models and cross-fertilize them to create a new European-wide evaluation framework, with impact at its core, for the benefit of both museums and European citizens. It will help museums be more focused, more resilient and more effective in their operations. To achieve these aims, an experienced partnership of museum developers and forwardreaching museums within a far-reaching and sustainable network will meet in a series of collaborative cooperation Workshops to develop the new framework. During the process, the model will be piloted in a number of museums to test it in real-life environments and to integrate stakeholder knowledge and needs into the new model. The process will continuously be accompanied by open Stakeholder Forums as an open and participatory way of working between developers and museums, as well as a strong communication and dissemination strategy, aiming for a wide and sustainable dissemination of the results. The project will result in a number of concrete outputs: the framework, published in seven languages, its accompanying guidance and promotional material, the open stakeholder and dissemination events, and a mobility element. The framework will provide a holistic and innovative model for finding the best way of managing a museum, and provides a European framework for quality evaluation in museum organisations. Its impact will be seen in the increased capacities and skills of museums and museum professionals to focus on the manifold dimensions of museum’s impact, the increased capacity of museum organizations to work in a strategic, efficient, comparable, scalable and streamlined manner, and in a strengthened network of museum development professionals, institutions and networks in Europe. We believe that the framework will be a very useful tool for museums in thinking about their work in a democratic, innovative and participatory way, where the needs of the communities, audiences and the wider benefits for society are core targets, while at the same time applying a new approach in developing the management of musems as organisations.


P1 Finnish Heritage Agency (prev. National Board of Antiquities), FI

P2 Istituto Beni Culturali IBC, Regione Emilia-Romagna, IT

P3 Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports, EL

P4 Deutscher Museumsbund/NEMO Network of Museum Organisations, DE

P5 Museum of Cycladic Art, EL

P6 Estonian National Museum/Eesti Rahva Muuseum, EE

P7 Finnish Museums Association, FI P8 European Museum Academy, NL

P9 Museum Council of Iceland, IS

P10 Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz SPK, DE P11 MUSIS Steirischer Museumsverband, AT

Duration: 1.12.2019 – 31.3.2022