Master Study of the Year Award Relaunched

The MSY Award recognizes outstanding master’s studies in the fields of museum studies, museology, and museum education. It celebrates academic excellence while connecting us with the next generations of museum professionals.

EMA Master Study of the Year Award: Celebrating Excellence in European Museology

We are happy to share the relaunch of the EMA Master Study of the Year Award, an initiative that aligns with our commitment to excellence, innovation, and nurturing the next generation of museum professionals.

This prestigious award recognizes outstanding master’s studies in the fields of museum studies, museology, and museum education.


The European Museum Academy thinks it is important:

– Celebrating Academic Excellence: With around 1,000 students across Europe graduating each year with degrees in museum studies, museology, or museum education, it’s essential to recognize their dedication and the valuable contributions they make to our field.
– Connecting with Next Generations: The master’s students are the museum professionals of tomorrow, and we believe in forging connections with the upcoming professionals who will carry our mission forward in museums and other heritage organisations.

Award criterion:

At the heart of this recognition is the assessment of the extent of European relevance and inspiration in the submitted master’s studies. European relevance is interpreted broadly, encompassing transnational, European, and international perspectives. A study focusing on a specific museum, archaeological excavation, or even a single object can also be profoundly relevant and inspirational to the wider European museum community.

The overall criteria for assessing the master studies are the extent of European relevance and inspiration.

Eligible submitted master studies and Deadline:

The Master Study of the Year Award (MSYA) follows the academic calendar. For the 2024 award, eligible master’s studies should have been submitted to the university and approved between October 1, 2023, and September 30, 2024. The master study is submitted by the university to the EMA director before or on the 1st of October of the following academic year.

Award process:

Invitation and Communication: In October/November, we reach out to registered European universities with invitations and provide detailed award information. This communication is reiterated in January/February, May/June, and early September.

Receiving Submissions: Around October 1, we eagerly await the submitted master’s studies from the previous academic year. Universities and students receive acknowledgments as a receipt for their submissions. Submissions should be sent to:

Formation of the Jury: The jury is formatted by the EMA scientific director in collaboration with the award manager. There should be three judges including the EMA Scientific Director who chair the judging committee. The other judges should preferably be one representing the universities and one representing the museum side in Europe  

Announcing the Winner: In February, we notify all participating universities and students of their successful participation. The winner is awarded a diploma and is invited to have their master’s study featured on the EMA website. They are also encouraged to participate in a seminar at the EMA annual award ceremony and conference.

Sharing Success: We distribute a press release, and the winner is featured in an exclusive interview for the EMA newsletter.

We are excited to celebrate and honour the outstanding contributions of master’s students to the dynamic field of European museums and museology. Their work inspires us and drives our mission forward.

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