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Ema Press Release, August 2012

NEWS FROM EMA: An overview of current projects developed by EMA

HERITAGE IN MOTION (HiM) In June a presentation was held in The Hague to introduce this biennial multimedia
festival of Cultural Heritage for the creators, the audiences and users of films, games and websites on cultural
heritage themes. This is a joint initiative by EMA and Europa Nostra. The 27 EU member states were invited to
submit one or more multimedia productions of their own country to be shown at the ‘European Experience’ on
Saturday 8 September 2012 during ‘The European Life I Live’ Festival in The Hague. This try-out will be the precursor of the first real HiM festival in September 2013, which will take place at the Pathé Buitenhof in The Hague.

THE CHILDREN’S MUSEUM AWARD, in its second year, is organised in co-operation with Hands On! International for the recognition of excellence in the specific sector of international children’s museums. Applications are welcomed from children’s museums and from education, children and youth departments in museums and science museums, both long-established and recently opened. The Jury is looking especially for the creative use of exhibitions and programmes with an innovative interpretative approach, which should be meaningful to the relevant age-group. Closing date: 30 SEPTEMBER 2012.

THE 2012 MICHELETTI AWARD, closing date 15 OCTOBER 2012, is now in its 17th year and organised in co-operation with the Micheletti Foundation. It is focused on contemporary European history and its scientific, industrial and social heritage. You may apply if you are a museum of 20th century history (social, political, military), a museum of science, technology or industry, a science centre, an ecomuseum or an interpretation centre on these subjects. The application form for both these Awards can be found on www.europeanmuseumacademy.eu.
THE 2012 KENNETH HUDSON SEMINAR, co-organised by EMA and the Micheletti Foundation, is on the subject of ‘Collecting the Heritage of the XX and XXI Centuries for Tomorrow: industrial heritage, political movements’. The
Seminar will be held on Friday 26 October 2012 at the Museum of Industry and Labour, Rodengo Salano
(Brescia), Italy. Details of the programme are on the EMA website. Participation is by invitation. A limited number
of additional places are available, and requests should be sent to europeanmuseumacademy@gmail.com not
later than 6 October 2012


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