At a time when the world has been struggling with the coronavirus pandemic, severe events due to climate change and very recently with the war in Ukraine that puts so many lives at risk, preservation and protection of cultural heritage and universal values have become more important than ever. As the European Museum Academy, we stand with the European Heritage Alliance against the war in Ukraine and share the Ukraine edition of the Cultural Solidarity Fund. Please check out our social media accounts.

In this issue, we present to you the annual national museum reports produced with valuable support of country representatives, which provides insight view on what’s been happening in the European museum scene in 2021. In addition, for the second year in a row, the EMA jury concluded the Master Study of the Year Award 2021 and we invite professors to apply for the 2022.

Last but not least, we are excited to share the call for applications to the EMA Awards, the Micheletti Award, the DASA Award and the Art Museum Award. The closing date for applications is 15 April 2022. We are looking forward to, fingers crossed, visiting all the museums and holding the ceremony in Esch sur Alzette, Luxembourg, in person and once again making it a great European event with various scientific and networking activities as in the old times.

We wish you a great Spring when trees and flowers blossom along with hopes for a better future.


In 2021 for the second time the European Museum Academy invited students on master level programmes to participate in our efforts to stimulate further development of the museum sector in Europe. More than 75 European universities were invited to contribute with one master paper in English, from which a panel of judges from the European Museum Academy pool of experts would select The European Museum Academy Master Study of the Year. The overall criteria for assessing the master studies have been the extent of European relevance and inspiration. 

The winner of 2021 Master Study of the Year Award is Anastasia Serikova from the St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture, with the following thesis: “The Interpretation of Dissonant Heritage in Museum Institutions in Russia and Germany” 

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EMA asks questions to winner of the 2021 Master Study of the Year Award. In this issue, Hazal Sahin from EMA has interviewed Anastasia Serikova who is a second year student in Saint-Petersburg State Institute of CultureDepartment of Museology and Cultural Heritage. We have talked about her thesis which is called “The Interpretation of Dissonant Heritage in Museum Institutions in Russia and Germany” and her further projects. 

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Apply today, don’t miss the chance to profit from the visibility and networking opportunities offered to your museum by taking part in the European Museum Academy Awards. Hundreds of museums have already done so in more than 20 years of activity of the Micheletti Award and 10 years of the DASA Award. Candidates will be visited by EMA qualified experts and presented at the Annual EMA Meeting in September 2022. The closing date for applications is 15 April 2022.    

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It is the fourth year in a row, since 2018, the European Museum Academy, by the support of country representatives, produced the following more subjective inside views about how museums were doing and what the museums experienced as their challenges, be it political, financial, organisational etc. in 2021. It is easier to find statistical information on museums produced for specific research projects and in continuous statistical series from governments, the European Union, the Council of Europe and even UNESCO. But what is going on beneath the numbers? 

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BONGA CASTLE summer 2022

Riitta Nelimarkka 

Exhibition IMAGINE 

Summer 2022 Bonga exhibits plenty of new works from artist´s Helsinki and Bonga ateliers, 

as well as thrilling drawing material from the archives.

On display there are works of HASSUNA unit, an exhibition presented in Milan and London autumn 2021.

These semi-archaic and modern pieces generate a stunning dialogue with old castle and 

young visitors.

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Iron Island: The SS Great Britain Refloated by Tim Bryan

The summer of 2020 should have been a time of celebration for the SS Great Britain Trust in Bristol, marking the 50th anniversary of the Victorian steamship’s return to the city where it was built. Of course, the global pandemic meant that many events and activities were much reduced, and although visitors were able to return after the first UK national lockdown, many of the larger activities planned were postponed.

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