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The COVID-19 pandemic made 2020 a game changer for museums as you can read in the annual European museum report mentioned below. It also made the year a strange one for the European Museum Academy. A number of awards had to be cancelled during the year as our judges could not visit the nominated museums for assessment and judging.

We now face 2021 with hope of better working conditions for the museums and the Academy alike. Things will probably not be exactly as they used to be. Too many things have changed. In the future not only will there probably be preserved a number of restrictions for visits and travelling to protect against new pandemic situations as much as possible, but during the pandemic there have also been a number of lessons for all of us. One of these is to enhance the possibilities for virtual meetings, conferences, webinars etc.

The European Museum Academy is hoping to see you all in real live for our annual Award Ceremony and Conference which is scheduled for taking place in Timisoara 17-18 September. To be on the safe side we are also prepared for arranging the event digital. This means here and now we can promise you that the days will be filled with exciting museological experiences physically or digitally. We advise you to make a mark in your calendar.