The award competition season has now ended, candidate museums have been visited by the jury, and it is now time to announce and invite everyone to the annual EMA Meeting. This year the meeting will be held in Timişoara, Romania, from Thursday 14 to Saturday 16 September and will begin with a welcome reception on Thursday.


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A Word from the Board

We hope that the summer has been treating you well. The award competition season has now ended, candidate museums have been visited by the jury, and it is now time to announce and invite everyone to the annual EMA Meeting. This year the meeting will be held in Timişoara, Romania, from Thursday 14 to Saturday 16 September and will begin with a welcome reception on Thursday. Friday will feature presentations by candidates for the Art Museum Award, the DASA Award and the Luigi Micheletti Award. Workshops on Saturday morning will be devoted to the theme ‘Identities’. In the evening the results of this year’s awards will be announced, followed by a Gala Dinner.  The official registration form will be circulated very soon and will be available on the EMA website.

In addition to the EMA Awards, this year we will hand over the Heritage in Motion Award. It is organised by FSK and EMA side by side. You will also be able to find where and when the Children in Museums Award and the Živa Award ceremonies will be held.

We are excited and happy to share with you that the Erasmus Mundus Master Programme, led by Glasgow University and with EMA as one of the collaborators, has taken off, and has begun its journey with the first year’s intake of students.

Don’t forget to apply and register for a number of programmes, conference calls and events.

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Karl B. Murr
Chairman of the Board

The 2023 CMA Award will be handed over at Creaviva in Bern during the Hands On! Conference on 25-27 October.

Europe’s largest conference on science education and children in museums will be about rethinking learning opportunities and designing stimulating challenges in museum work for children. Check out the website for the 2023 shortlisted nominees.

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Interview with Ann Nicholls

EMA continues interviewing experts in their field. For our current issue we have been speaking to Ann Nicholls, EMA about her career, experiences, role in EMA.

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The Transformation project presented in September 2023 at the Museum of Applied Art in Belgrade
Date and Venue: September 2023, The Museum of Applied Art, Belgrade, Serbia

Brief description of the event: The Forum of Slavic Cultures is currently in full swing preparing for an upcoming exhibition that will mark the first comprehensive presentation of the Transformations: FROM the Slavic Clothing Tradition TO Contemporary Designs. This unique exhibition, curated by Stanka Vauda Benčevič, will feature the participation of designers from ten different countries.

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International Golden Museological Programme at Villa Zlatica
Date and Venue:  22-24 October 2023, Villa Zlatica, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Brief description of the event: Join us at Vila Zlatica in Ljubljana, Slovenia, for an event focused on “Museum Connections as Spaces of Trust.” This gathering is tailored for directors, managers, experts, and award-winning/nominated museums for the Živa award. Organized by the Forum of Slavic Cultures, it promises to inspire collaboration and innovation in the museum industry. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with industry professionals and explore the transformative power of museums.

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Increase the social impact of your museum with new tool MOI Framework

The MOI! Museums of Impact project (2019-2022) has developed the MOI Framework to help museums discuss, evaluate, and choose development goals to increase their impact in society. It complements already existing models of quality requirements and impact measuring by focusing on internal capacity development in museums, helping organizations to take control of their own impact. The project results are hosted on NEMO website at www.ne-mo.org/museumsofimpact. The free to use framework and tools are currently fully available in English, Estonian, German, and Italian. Finnish and Icelandic translations will soon be available.

The European Erasmus Mundus Master’s is a full time two-year programme. The programme consortium is led by the University of Glasgow and the other partners are universities in Radboud, Valletta, Dublin and Tartu. The European Museum Academy is arranging two-weeks-long summer schools for the students in a number of museums around Europe.
The summer 2023 is a try-out year for the partnership with only seven students. We will have four students at the Jamtli Museum in Östersund, Sweden and three students at the Staatliches Textil- und Industriemuseum (TIM) in Augsburg, Germany. This summer René Capovin and Henrik Zipsane will be our EMA experts at the  summer schools.
We expect about 30 students next summer and plan to activate 10 hosting museums and the same number of EMA experts for the summer schools.
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Museology, New Media and Museum Communication: Online master’s programme is more international now

The online master’s programme has been designed to allow students/workers to acquire academic knowledge with maximum flexibility regarding planning and learning styles. The programme is entirely in English and offers a unique approach to museology in its most innovative form, especially at a European level. It is produced in collaboration with the IULM-Milan, and the European Museum Academy Foundation which contributes with its experts and educational resources.
 The programme is designed for those interested in gaining expertise in contemporary museology, the interconnections between museum and heritage, new media and museum communication.

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Call for applications: NEMO Training on museums and the Sustainable Development Goals
Date and Venue (if relevant): 7, 14, 21 and 28 September 2023, online via Zoom

Brief description: NEMO – the Network of European Museum Organisations and ICCROM are thrilled to announce the online training ‘Unlocking the power of museums for Sustainable Development’ that will take place on 7, 14, 21 and 28 September 2023.
José Luiz Pederzoli Jr., ICCROM, and Henry McGhie, Curating Tomorrow, will lead the four-part training session. Participants in this training will be guided to fully understand sustainable development and the SDGs, to formulate key SDG-oriented challenges or aspirations to be addressed through their collections-based work, and to make and successfully implement a plan to put their ideas into practice. 
The call for applications is open until 31 July.

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Register to the European Museum Conference 2023: and… ACTION! Museums in the climate crisis
Date and Venue (if relevant): 19-21 November 2023 in Lahti, Finland

Brief description: At the European Museum Conference 2023: and… ACTION! Museums in the climate crisis, NEMO – the Network of European Museum Organisations will explore how museums can contribute to climate action and sustainability. Join 200+ museum colleagues from all over Europe from 19-21 November in Lahti, Finland, to learn and exchange about sustainability strategies, risk management and how to make museums sustainable and futureproof.  

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ŽIVA 2023 – International conference and award ceremony in Bratislava, Slovakia
Date and Venue: 2-6 October 2023, Slovak National Museum (SNM), Slovakia

Brief description of the event: Join us at the 9th Edition of ŽIVA Award – Celebrating the Best of Slavic Museums and Heritage Sites! The programme will encompass compelling content, including informative round tables and presentations featuring this year’s candidates. The Marketplace is designed not only for this year’s nominees but for all museums that would like to attend the event.

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