EMA, a dynamic and forward-looking organisation to stimulate innovative thinking in European museums, publishes details of its current activities in an occasional Newsletter. Its Press Releases will continue to focus on individual announcements and events. Read more on awards, activities, publications, and events.


EMA publishes details of its current activities in an occasional Newsletter. Its Press Releases will continue to focus on individual announcements and events.

EMA -A dynamic and forward-looking organisation to stimulate innovative thinking in European museums

Dear Colleagues,

The world is going through uncertain times and winter is coming. However, during the EMA Annual Meeting and Awards Ceremony in September in Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg, museum people from all over Europe came together and demonstrated how meaningful and enriching work can be created when museums are involved.The work encompassed solidarity in times of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as in times of war, access for all, community engagement, how museums help heal communities, and where digitalization and new technologies are headed are some examples. We are grateful to everyone who joined the meeting in person and online, shared their success stories, inspired others, and showed how ready we are to work together when necessary. 

Therefore, in this issue, we celebrate our hybrid EMA 2022 Annual meeting, which was a great success and extend our thanks to our hosts and partners in making this event even a bigger success – the Ministry of Culture, Luxembourg, ATOZ Tax Advisors, Luxembourg, Esch-sur-Alzette European Capital of Culture, the National Museum of Resistance and Human Rights, MUDAM, Le Fonds Belval and ICOM Luxembourg. We congratulate the 2022 winners of the Luigi Micheletti Award, the DASA Award, the Art Museum Award and the EMA Prize. We welcome our colleague Peter Thor Andersen, director of Ohavsmuseet in Faaborg, as a  new Associate Partner. 

Last but not least, we invite museum colleagues and master students studying in the museum and heritage field from all around Europe to check out our Awards page, apply on the website, as well as follow us on our social media accounts. 

Happy reading and a happy autumn!

EMA Board


On September 10th, the winners of three different Awards by the European Museum Academy (EMA) were announced: the Luigi Micheletti Award 2022, the DASA Award 2022 and the Art Museum Award 2022. The Awards ceremony took place at MUDAM-Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean, Luxembourg, following the annual EMA conference, which was held in Esch-sur-Alzette and the Esch-Belval university district from September 8-10.

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children in museum

This is a uniquely innovative and multidisciplinary programme that equips the next generation of museum and heritage professionals with the ability to engage with the various contexts (cultural, economic, political) that they will encounter and which are needed for the 21st century. The programme includes placements, language learning and a minimum of three mobility periods in Europe.

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The Živa Award for the Best Slavic Museum and for the Best Heritage Site in Slavic countries aims at identifying, encouraging, rewarding and promoting experiments, projects, practices in the museum sector within the specific cultural and geographical framework of the European countries of Slavic culture recognizing the peculiarities and specific values of the Slavic world with its story, its traditions, its heritage, its common and sometimes contradictory roots as well as its problems.

For applicants for this year’s Ziva Award

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The Museum and Heritage Education Handbook defines museum and heritage as all cultural sites that interpret collections and spaces for public education, understanding and enjoyment, including art galleries, historic houses and archaeological sites. The Handbookwill be a unique new international practical reference, combining rich theory with innovative practice in order to address a global need for academic reflection and discussion. It will discuss how museums, galleries and heritage sites can continue to offer opportunities for the deep academic, emotional, social and physical engagement that is needed in a time of political and economic uncertainty and social transience.

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Article: Rethinking the local museum in the countryside – The Archipelago Museum in Denmark by Peter Thor Andersen


At the annual meeting this year for the European Museum Academy one of the nominees for the Luigi Micheletti Award was our museum, The Archipelago Museum in Denmark. During the last decade the museum, originally a quite small and typical local museum, has changed into a whole new museum concept, that has generated twice as many guests as before, attention from colleagues and local pride in the community. In this article the transformation will be described. Hopefully it can serve as inspiration.

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Deadline: November 24th

Brief information on the survey (50-70 words): Climate control is one of the leading carbon footprints in the cultural world. To reduce our carbon footprint, the cultural sector is looking toward increasing ranges of climate control. In an effort to facilitate collective action in this area, Ki Culture, in partnership with Gallery Climate Coalition, will be hosting the first International Climate Control Conference on 1 and 2 December 2022. In anticipation of this event, please take this two-minute survey on your current climate control protocols.

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