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2020 will be remembered by many if not all as the year of the pandemic. That goes for museums across Europe and the European Museum Academy as well. Travel restrictions and safety precautions made it imperative to cancel the visits to museums by our judges and therefore it has not been possible to work with most of the awards. However, against this background we are very happy, that judging for the Heritage in Motion Award and the Museums in Short Award, as well as the new Master Study of the Year Award, has been carried out. That has been possible because the work does not require physical visits.

We now look to 2021 and prepare for the coming EMA Award season. The deadline for new applications will be 1 April

2021, and from November 2020 you will find the application form on our website. The European Museum Academy hopes to be able to carry out judging physically for both the 2021 Award and the deferred 2020 Award, but we need to be prepared for judging through digital means. We are working on that eventuality and we do of course hope that it will not be necessary to activate that option, as it will never be the same as visiting all the interesting museums in real life and having discussions with the museum staff along the way. But times are as they are, and we will do almost anything to avoid any cancellation.