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A museum is …

ICOM announced the new museum definition replacing the one in force since 2007. The process was not alien to controversy, let alone resignations, with a double-barrel definition proposed in 2019 sent back to the drawing board for various reasons…

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The EMA Prize Winner Announced

For only the fourth time in its history the EMA Board has selected an EMA Prize winner: I-On, an overall project between six cultural history museums and one university from seven European countries.

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‘El Lenguaje Museogràfico’ a Review

EMA Scientific Director Massimo Negri introduces the book “El Lenguaje Museogràfico” by Guillermo Fernàndez. ‘A short handbook introducing to the knowledge and the use of the fascinating language of 21st century.’ […]

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Obituary: François-Xavier Nève de Mévergnies (1946-2022)

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of our colleague François-Xavier Nève de Mévergnies in April. He was a teacher of linguistics, phonetics and phonology at the University of Liège, and a prolific author, with books on subjects ranging from La puissance militaire soviétique to more than

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Novi Sad Citizens Choose

The Gallery of Matica Srpska in Novi Sad decided to open its collection and offer it to fellow citizens through works of art – in the space of our Gallery they tell the story of themselves and their city. The exhibition tells a story of Novi Sad citizens about their

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EMA NEWSLETTER – WINTER ISSUE – 2022 A WORD FROM THE BOARD At a time when the world has been struggling with the coronavirus pandemic, severe events due to climate change and very recently with the war in Ukraine that puts so many lives at risk, preservation and protection of

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Iron Island: The SS Great Britain Refloated

Iron Island: The SS Great Britain Refloated An article by Tim Bryan, Director of the Brunel Institute, SS Great Britain, Bristol The summer of 2020 should have been a time of celebration for the SS Great Britain Trust in Bristol, marking the 50th anniversary of the Victorian steamship’s return to the

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Interview with Anastasia Serikova

Interview with Anastasia Serikova EMA asks questions to winner of the 2021 Master Study of the Year Award. In this issue, Hazal Sahin from EMA has interviewed Anastasia Serikova who is a second year student in Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Culture Department of Museology and Cultural Heritage. We have talked about her thesis

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How were museums doing in Europe in 2021? EMA National Reports

It is the fourth year in a row, since 2018, the European Museum Academy produced, with the support of country representatives, the following more subjective inside views about how museums were doing and what the museums experienced as their current challenges, be it political, financial, organisational in 2021.

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Culture in Crisis Portal

The Culture in Crisis platform brings together those with a shared interest in protecting cultural heritage. The platform provides a forum for sharing information, raising public awareness, and supporting action.

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