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Ema Board News: Dirk Houtgraaf joins the Ema Board

We are pleased to announce that Dirk Houtgraaf has joined the EMA Board.


Ema Board Dirk HoutgraafDirk worked many years as leader of the exhibit development team of the new Naturalis museum, together with general director Wim van der Weiden. He became later on director of Public Services, Vice-president and an interim President. He worked too for the public libraries, the Dutch Cultural Heritage Agency and (still) as an examiner in a strategic management educational institute. He is a biologist and strategic marketeer by training, and nowadays focused on (IT) information strategies and on positioning and branding in not-profit organizations.He is author and co-author on books as “Businessmodellen” (Dutch) and “Mastering a Museum Plan: Strategies for Exhibit Development” (English).

Many thanks to Arno van Berge Henegowen who is leaving after serving in our Board since the beginning. Arno will remains with us aa a member of our Pool of Experts contributing to various projects.

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