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Diederik Veerman: Roots 2 share

Roots 2 share, author: Diederik Veerman, curator in the Museon and Cunera Buijs, curator in the Leiden museum of Ethnology.

For people all over the world, ( the repatriation of ) heritage items can be an emotional issue. Objects, stories or photographs may be part of the very fabric of their cultural identity. It is this fact that has inspired the two Dutch and two Greenlandic museums to develop the Roots 2 Share project.
Main element of the Roots 2 Share project is a website where people are able to place archive photographs in context, enriching them with interesting facts or personal experiences. Information can be entered about any photo and everyone will be able to comment on other people’s contributions.
The Roots 2 Share project is intended to give public, museums and source communities opportunities for discovery, discussion and mutual learning. This inspired by the concept of ‘multivoicedness’.
Internet can be seen as a threat to traditional culture but, simultaneously, it provides the opportunity to record the process of change and continuity for future generations.

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