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Developing Exhibitions
by Dirk Houtgraaf and Massimo Negri

Developing Exhibitions: There is a method in this madness

by Dirk Houtgraaf and Massimo Negri


This book immediately becomes the reference on how to create exhibitions in modern museums and how to work through the complexities of the exhibition development process, and it does so with humour, flair, and great understanding of the hard work involved.
Russell Briggs
Director Engagement, Exhibitions & Cultural Connection, Australian Museum

This method is an indispensable tool for all museum professionals: from director and curator to project manager and marketeer.
Wim van der Weiden Founder of EMA

This carefully thought out manual fits well into our bachelor’s program Cultural Heritage and our master’s program in Applied Museum & Heritage Studies.
Nel van Dijk
Executive Director Reinwardt Academy, Amsterdam

Finally, a reliable manual for those who undertake today museums’ profession and a challenge to evolve “from practice to progress” for professionals.
Chiara Nenci
Professor of Museology and History of Collecting, Accademia di Brera, Milan

The book is a great tool. It is a proof of a fruitful intercultural dialogue and includes a considerable input of Slavic museum experiences too.
Andreja Rihter
Director Forum of Slavic Cultures, Ljubljana

An approachable, straightforward handbook. Key literature for my students in exhibition design and installation.
ShawHong SER
Professor, Faculty of Communication Arts, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

further information www.developingexhibitions.info