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Call for EMA Awards 2021

Apply today, don’t miss the chance to profit from the visibility and networking opportunities offered to your museum by taking part in the European Museum Academy Awards.

Candidates will be visited by EMA qualified experts and presented at the Annual EMA Meeting in September 2021.

Projects or museums should be able to be visited between March-June 2021

Nominees for the Awards are normally visited in person by judges appointed by EMA from our Pool of Experts to ensure that the museums get the opportunity to discuss everything they feel important for the understanding of the nomination. However, because of the ongoing unpredictable Covid-19 pandemic situation EMA and the nominees need to be prepared for possible digital and virtual judging. This will not affect the criteria of either award. EMA will follow the situation closely and will contact the nominees if digital and virtual judging is needed.

Please download the application form and submit it before 1 April 2021