BONGA CASTLE Summer 2022

BONGA CASTLE Summer 2022

Riitta Nelimarkka 

Exhibition IMAGINE 

Summer 2022 Bonga exhibits plenty of new works from artist´s Helsinki and Bonga ateliers,
as well as thrilling drawing material from the archives.

On display there are works of HASSUNA unit, an exhibition presented in Milan and London autumn 2021.
These semi-archaic and modern pieces generate a stunning dialogue with old castle and
young visitors.
All our visitors are young in mind.:)

Also you can meet there the large woollen sculpture “My very determined Grand Mam”
awarded in Florence Biennale 2021 and the newest unique Art book Ravissements
culinaires & artistiques (Seneca 2022 in Finnish and French).

A great news from the heritage view is, that the whole roof of the building has been renovated in 2021and covered by copper according to its original shape. This big project was led by Joonas Seeck, the head of Nelimarkka Foundation.

We wish you a lovely cultural summer!

Kindest regards

Riitta Nelimarkka-Seeck

WELCOME also to EXPLOREBonga Art 3D

Riitta Nelimarkka-Seeck
Curator of Nelimarkka foundation
Marjaniemenranta 4
00930 Helsinki
+358 50 5900 650