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Barbara Cardillo: Numismatic, a journey from Spain to Greece

Numismatic, a journey from Spain to Greece, written by Barbara Cardillo

Barbara Cardillo holds a degree in Hellenic Archaeology at the University of Siena and an undergraduate degree in Classics at the University of Catania. She has been working at archaeological excavations in Italy and at the Monetize of Florence.

Numismatic is the science of coins in all their aspects and in all that concerns them (from the economic, legislative, metrological and artistic point of view) and it is related to all other branches of historical mythology such as, epigraphy and iconography.

The numismatic can be defined as the science that reconstructs, step by step, the history of money, from its beginnings to the present day. It is reconstructed by pointing out both its formal and typological features, just like its economic, political, legal, social and even artistic function.

Its origins are traced to the mid-seventh a. C. and must be interpreted as the culmination of a long process of exchange based on barter, which had set in motion the economy so far.

People passed from bartering to the processing of the metal because it was a material that could be reduced to fragments without losing its value; it was unalterable; it did not require maintenance and it was easily recognizable and useful to everyone. People then passed from simple metal to the copper ingots, widely used in trade between East and West in the Mediterranean, until when, in the ninth century BC C, the tool of the coin appeared. They
were tools for everyday use as currency for exchanges in small entities, such as obeloi, urns and tripods and bars or ingots for the most important economic exchanges. The latter, around the mid-seventh century BC C, began to be replaced by small globes that merchants and shrines with their seal imprinted to make them recognizable, and with time, the issue of currency became a State monopoly.


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Barbara Cardillo – Numismatic a journey from Spain to Greece


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