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Article of the Month: Museum Activism – The Book

This month’s article is from Robert R. Janes and Richard Sandell and their latest book on Museum Activism.

“The global museum community, a sleeping giant if ever there was one, is stirring from its slumber. It is a powerful community, indeed, but one whose latent power has been largely consumed by a preoccupation with education, entertainment and consumption. This preoccupation has rendered far too many museums somnambulant—content with ‘sleep walking into the future’ (Janes 2014: 7–8). Our ambition in this new book, Museum Activism, is to identify and support ways to move beyond this avoidable destiny and explore new and divergent expressions of the museum’s inherent power as a force for good. “

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Robert R. Janes

Robert R. Janes is a Visiting Fellow at the School of Museum Studies , University of Leicester (UK), Editor-in-Chief Emeritus of Museum Management and Curatorship, and the founder of the Coalition of Museums for Climate Justice. He has devoted his career to championing museums as important social institutions that can make a difference in the lives of individuals and their communities. His museum publications have been translated into nine languages.

Richard Sandell

Richard Sandell is Professor of Museum Studies at the University of Leicester, UK. His research and collaborative practice with wide-ranging institutions is concerned with the social potential  museums, galleries and heritage sites and, in particular, their capacity to shape the moral and political climate within which human rights are experienced.

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