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Annemies Broekgaarden: my recent experience in China

“Travelling 20,000 kilometers through China as a museum professional”
A highly interesting article by Annemies Broekgaarden, Head of Public and Education, Rijksmuseum. Amsterdam, reporting about her recent experience in China.

Originally an anthropolgist graduated at the University of Utrecht, Annemies Broekgaarden is nos also a Member of the EMA Advisory Board. Annemies Broekgaarden has been essential in establishing the cooperation between EMA and Hands On! International which brought to launch of the Children in Museums Award which started in 2011 in 2011. EMA cooperates with HO! supplying judges and offering expertise as regards to content. Annemies is now also International member of the new Public Education Experts Commitee of NAMOC – Bejing to give advice and support to help enhancing the educational role of art museums in China.

Have a good reading! Annemies Broekgaarden: my experience in China


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