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The pandemic continues to challenge museums. Even when governments reopen cultural institutions slowly as the numbers of vaccinations rise, museums need to manage how guests can use their visits. Museums like to facilitate good experiences but for most museums it is a new challenge to avoid too many people crowding into small spaces.

The European Museum Academy is also returning to a more normal situation but with new challenges. This Spring our judges, selected from our Pool of Experts, still cannot visit the nominated museums for the different awards. The judging will have to be made on-line, and that is a different experience from a physical visit. Of course the judges can see many things on their computer screens and the judges can interview and discuss with museum staff, management, and board. The feeling from a three- dimensional experience is, however, not possible to recreate digitally. It has to do with all the things you see beside the things you are focusing on. It has to do with sounds and atmosphere, and it has to do with using all the senses. That said, together with the museums, our Academy judges will do their best to conduct efficient, transparent, and fair judging.

The recently launched Art Museum Award which broadens EMA’s award scheme is making good progress as applications are coming in to make this premier a success.

We wish all the nominated museums the absolute best of luck!