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The Gallery of Matica srpska: Baby in the Gallery. The First Steps with Art.

Programme  “Growing up with Art”


from October, 2018

The Gallery of Matica srpska has been organizing educational programmes and creative workshops for preschool and early elementary school children for more than a decade. In the last few years the Gallery has been also developing educational programmes for secondary school students, with the desire to make its art fund and its permanent collection interesting and accessible, developing in that way a positive attitude of children and young people towards art, museum institutions and cultural heritage. Since 2018, the Gallery of Matica srpska has opened its doors to the youngest visitors – babies and their parents, as well, with the intention to point out the importance of presence of culture in children’s upbringing, from their earliest age.

Within the Project Baby in the Gallery. The First Steps with Art, in cooperation with the Music Youth of Novi Sad and the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, the Gallery of Matica srpska has prepared a special programme for mothers and babies with the desire to provide them a joint quality leisure time with culture and art. For that cause, the Gallery adjusted its space to the needs of mothers with children, equipped with a baby nursing chair, a baby changing table and toys in the Children’s Room.

Every Tuesday from October, 2018, the entrance for parents with babies to the Gallery is free of charge.

Every first Saturday of the month, at 11.00 a.m. and 12.30 p.m., concerts of classical music for babies and their parents are organized in the Gallery. Concerts last for 30 minutes and include carefully selected compositions of children’s classical music, as well as compositions specially designed for this programme.

As a part of this programme, a Memory Journal for babies Baby in the Gallery. The First Steps with Art was also prepared in order to record and save the precious memories of the first encounters of babies with culture and art.

Let your babies discover with you the world of pictures and sounds!

By get in touch with colors and shapes on artworks and by the complex and melodic sounds of classical music, babies stimulates and develope the power of perception, as well as the feeling for rhythm and melody.

The realization of the project was made possible by ”Novi Sad 2021 ‒ European Capital of Culture” Foundation and Vojvodjanska Bank OTP Group.

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