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Report: Project Museums of Impact! – Stakeholder Forum Berlin

© Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Institut für Museumsforschung / Steffen Backhaus

MOI! Museums of Impact is a three-year EU project dedicated to developing a self-evaluation framework for museums. The framework is meant to be used by museums as a tool to evaluate their practices and organisation – with the impact on society in mind. Using the tool will help museums take a transversal look at their activities, engage in internal discussions on the aims and goals of their work, share views and set development targets. The self-evaluation framework developed by the Finnish Heritage Agency serves as a starting point in this project.

MOI! is a European cooperation project co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme. The project activities are joined by 11 partners from Europe and will continue until the end of November 2022. This project is coordinated by the Finnish Heritage Agency (FI) and partners with the following organisations: BAM! Strategie Culturali (IT); Directorate of Archaeological Museums, Exhibitions and Educational Programmes (DAMEEP) of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports (GR); Deutscher Museumsbund/NEMO Network of Museum Organisations (DE); Museum of Cycladic Art (GR); Estonian National Museum (EE); Finnish Museums Association (FI); European Museum Academy (NL); Museum Council of Iceland (IS); Institute for Museum Research of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin – Preußischer Kulturbesitz (DE); MUSIS Steirischer Museumsverband (AT).

The Stakeholder Forum in Berlin had three main goals. First, to introduce the German museum landscape to the MOI! Project and the self-evaluation framework. Second, to engage the participants in a discussion about the self-evaluation framework. And finally to document the outcomes of the Stakeholder Forum so they could be analysed and used to integrate the perspective of the German museum landscape into the development of the MOI! self-evaluation model.

The event was approached with the following questions: what is the input and what are the needs of the German museum landscape regarding the MOI! self-evaluation model? And how can this help to develop a self-evaluation model for European museums? The report covers: description of the event setup of the Stakeholder Forum Berlin; collection of the methodology of how the data, outline of analysis and interpretation; the results are concisely presented with an interim conclusion for each area, bringing the results of the different areas in a brief discussion together; the findings are set in the context of the overall goals of the MOI! project.