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Raluca Bem Neamu

Raluca Bem Neamu is the national representative of the European Museum Academy for Romania and the president of Da´DeCe (I Wonder Why) association.

Raluca Bem NeamuShe has a B.A. in History and Theory of Art and a M.A. in Audio-Video Communication. She also graduated an extensive professional international training in cultural management in Europe and a summer school for museum professionals in New York. For more than 10 years she used to be the head of the Education, Public Relations and Cultural Projects Department in the National Museum of Art of Romania. In 2011 she founded I Wonder Why association with the mission to open up cultural institutions to different categories of public. She hopes to open a Children Museum in Bucharest and starts with interactive exhibitions traveling in country and abroad. She was also involved in different projects of cultural education, training professionals in culture and education and project management.

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