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Dear colleagues and friends,

Despite initial cautious approaches to easing lockdown all over Europe, the impact of Covid-19 has caused too many imponderables that simply make it impossible to carry out the 2020 EMA Awards with all the jury work involved. Hence, the Board of the European Museum Academy decided yesterday to postpone the entire 2020 award season to next year. The same applies to the Children in the Museums Award. Only the Heritage in Motion Award team will try to host an online ceremony that we are looking forward to seeing.

We do hope that we can pick up all the loose ends next year. We will get back to you all in due course when the travel circumstances allow us to visit all museum applicants.

Regarding the hosting institution for the Award Ceremony in September 2021 we will most probably go to Timișoara, Romania as Timișoara will be one of the European Cultural Capitals next year. Hopefully, we can persuade Chemnitz to act as our host for another award season.

On behalf of the whole EMA Board I wish you all the best, good luck in dealing with the Corona crisis and the ability to thrive again when it is over. In a situation like this culture is needed more than ever.

Kind regards and stay healthy,

Karl B. Murr

EMA Chairman